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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Make Money By Searching The Internet!

Search & Win

How To Money Money By Searching The Internet!

I know what you guys are thinking right now.."How can this be true? This is a scam!" Well from my own experience swagbucks is NOT a scam. You might be asking how do I get paid for just searching? The site gets paid by sponsors and when you search you can get paid. The catch is that no matter how many times you search a day you can only win three times a day. You usually win from anymore from 8-50 swagbucks! 1 swagbuck= 1 cent! They might be thinking that this takes a long time to get a prize but it all adds up! The way most people make tons of money fast is through referrals! If you get people to sign up under you and they win..you get 100 percent of what they win. For example if Bob wins 8 swagbucks you get 8 swagbucks! They have tons of prizes you can redeem! I usually get amazon giftcards which are only 450 swagbucks and plus they email it to you! They also offer swagstakes where you can win big prizes like guitars or drumsets! What are you waiting for? To sign up click the banner below or on top and sign up and start searching/winning!

Search & Win

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