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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

iPod Touch and iPhones: Speck Pixelskin Case

The Spleck Pixelskin Ipod Case is one of the best cases I have ever bought! It fits the iPod perfectly and protects it. The pixelized case act as a grip and extra protection if you drop the iPod.
If you are a new touch owner, the Speck Pixelskin should be the very first thing that you purchase. It is available in a variety of five different colors: Licorice Black, Blueberry Blue, Sherbet Pink, Huckelberry Purple, and Spearmint Green. These rubber cases are pretty case and can be bought for about 20 dollars. The rubber actually absorbs some of the energy when dropped. The feel of the case is very soft and smooth. It fits great in your pocket. It is also very sturdy and stays in your hands!
The case can be put onto your iPod by sliding in the bottom and then the top. The case will then snap on with no edges of your iDevice showing Everything on the bottom of your device is easily accessible: The headphone jack and docking jack. The case is made so that there is little or no excess bare spots on the bottom of your iPod. All in all, this is one of the best cases for your iPod Touch. It is durable, smooth, strong, and has a nice design.

  • Soft-touch tiled pattern offers added comfort and grip
  • Lightweight design protects without adding bulk
  • Access to all ports and controls

Usage: Slide the top of your iPod touch into the bottom of the case. Plug in headphones and enjoy.

Product Dimensions: 0.45x2.68x4.2

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