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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

iPod Touch and iPhone: Belkin Screen Protector Review

Need a screen protector for your iPod Touch? The Belkin ClearScreen Overlay (3-Pack) is perfect for you! The Belkin pack comes with 3 Screen Protectors and a cloth to clean the screen. It also comes with a card to smooth out all the air bubbles. For a 3 pack, this cost only 9 dollars! What a bargain! The thin plastic protector is very easy to apply. It is very thin and barely visible! It does what it is supposed to do, it protects the screen from everything. Also it is hard for it to come off!

I recommend this case to everyone who is looking for a screen protector for their iPod. The Belkin ClearScreen is an amazing product. It is easy to apply and really thin. I have had it on my iPod for about a year and I never notice I even have it anymore. Also it is basically STUCK it cant come off! This product is the best out there and I rate it 5/5. There's not much to say about this... It's a thin, plastic screen protector. Once you put it on, the only time you'll notice it is looking at the Home button on the bottom, because there's a notch there for it.

Important things to remember:

1. CLEAN THE SCREEN - Wipe down the screen with the included cloth, and make 100% certain that there are NO dust particles on it before you begin applying the protector. Dust particles will create annoying air bubbles, and trying to remove them from the adhesive side of the protector basically ruins it. Make sure your general area is also free of dust before you remove the plastic from the adhesive side of the protector.

2. SAVE THE CARD - There's a small cardboard card in the box. This is meant to help even out and smooth out the protector once it's on the device. Don't throw it out - save it! If you do mistakenly throw it away, though, you could probably safely use something like a credit card.

3. DON'T REMOVE THE PLASTIC FILM ON THE FRONT UNTIL YOU'RE DONE SMOOTHING IT - There's a plastic film on the front of the screen protector, and it's there for a reason. Once you have used the card to eliminate non-dust-related air bubbles, you'll see why. The plastic film is usually pretty well scratched. Better the film than your new screen protector.

Some Details

  • Easily attaches to the screen of your iPod
  • Includes front-screen overlay, dry and wet cleaning wipes, and smoothing card
  • Comes with Belkin's lifetime warranty

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